Got the Moon by it’s tail

moonageI’ve not made a dime doing it,  photography.

I’ve got a pretty good eye for it.  Artistic genes!  Really…   I’m creative too, can feel and see the moods, frame scenes well.  I’ll hike miles to get a photo, chased a moose once (not a good habit to get into), stopped with 20 other cars on Moose Wilson Rd in Wyoming in an apparent moose jam….  wandered up to the crowd and excitedly asked “what is it?”  a moose?  an Elk?   Deer?   It was a frickin Beaver….  two actually…Bullwinkle IIIThere was a guy with a 12,000 dollar 800mm lens, shooting that damn beaver.

Who hasn’t spent a entire afternoon shooting and realized some setting was off, forgot to change the ISO, left the image stabilizer on using a tripod… that one pisses me off!   Forgot your polarizer…. Twice scouted full moons and left with clouds in the screen(albeit some really bitchin clouds!).  A whole myriad of challenges and frustrations to get the one….    In two years, after hours and hours of shooting and travel, I’ve sold three works…    Crushed about all the hard work and nothing to show for it, I had to get back to the love of the work, remember that sometimes it’s just magical… so in the moment.  Would I trade it back for my hospitality career?   The bird says no…. I’ve learned sooo much about photography and myself.

I just opened my first exhibit and sent  a book to the publisher. The Local Artist's Gallery Exhibit-2890

I may never make money being a photographer…

but I’ve got the moon by the tail…  thanks 🙂

Laughing at Time

Laughing at Time Bristlecone Pines are one of my favorite subjects. They thrive above 11,000 ft, often quite a hike from parking lots, and generally 20-30 miles inside of park boundaries, making for long drives. These timeless trees are inspiring, ageless and their beauty is among the greatest natural wonders in the world.
This tree in Great Basin National Park, has taken everything nature has thrown at it for over 4,000 years. It “Laughs at Time.”