Hanalei Pier & turning points in life’s teachings.

I’ve revisited this blog to remind myself of some of the principles and discoveries along the way. Two wonderful photos came out of this location, the first, which I discuss below, and cover shot of the pier itself, which after quite a bit of editing, became a bit of an abstract.   This is really a unique photo because the iconic boathouse was under construction and not there!

I’m really trying to rejoin my photography side which has been dampened by our now defunct restaurant, Christina’s American Bistro.  Imagination, passion, and vision of a project isn’t limited to the traditional arts.  Artistic endeavors, which the restaurant  certainly was, fill the life of an artist.   It’s not something that I can turn off.  I look forward to the return of the photographic arts.

Hanalei Pier HDR

This photo, which was taken over two years ago now, was one of many turning points in my photography career.   I had been shooting beaches throughout the trip, mostly coral, using slower pictures to capture water flow as it went over the changes in formations.  There were none available to shoot at the foot of the Hanalei Pier and it forced me to be creative.  The sunsets in Hawaii are generally pretty spectacular.  I don’t recall a day where there isn’t some sort of cloud formation and reflection off the surf.  Surging waters on the beach are one of my favorite places to  capture reflections.  I started to look around for something to put in the picture and the concrete bottom of the pier was the only real option.  I started snapping away, not too mindful of the pier itself as part of the photo, just as a frame for the surf.  When I got home is when the learning started.  Focusing on the obvious features like sunsets, isn’t always the star of a photo.  While they can be spectacular, other less noticeable aspects can become the subject and can dominate with pleasing backdrop.    I file these tools away and utilize them as I go about my shoots.  Hence the “aggregate” statement below.

The biggest single thing I learned(in college) is that, everything a manager does is an aggregate, which creates environment. This has served me well in the Executive and Photographer role.
This photo under Hanalei Pier on Kauai, I posted originally after taking it January. It continues to be my wallpaper!
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