Age before beauty

It’s truly mesmerizing to look at two objects, one thousands of years old,Aged Beauty and another only a few days young. Petit RadianceThe vibrance each contains, the beauty and radiance are breathtaking. The flower doesn’t span a half inch, the entire plant is just inches high, while the Bristlecone Pine stretches 30 feet high!  Both shots were taken with Zeiss lenses, the Distagon 15mm, and the Makro-Planar 100mm.  Macro work is intriguing and it opens my eyes to backgrounds and elements of focus that I didn’t consider in larger landscape work.


The “Supermoon” was a huge disappointment due to cloud cover and haze. Two days of scouting locations and I ended up where I’m most comfortable, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area – Las Vegas, NV. The sunset was spectacular however, and there’s now two more shots to add to the Red Rock collection.